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My Tropical Themed Bridal Shower

November 27, 2018

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Wedding Venue Ideas for Not-So-Basic Brides

February 5, 2019

I had guest blogger Alice Robertson from discuss not so basic ideas for your wedding venue! If you are interested in hearing about some different options then have a read below.



Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at wedding photos on social media. What’s not to love about basking in a couple’s special day and all the love it represents? What continues to catch my attention, despite these beautiful weddings, is that not enough brides are taking advantage of their imaginations to think outside the box when it comes to their weddings, especially when it comes to things such as location.


We all know nothing wonderful in this world comes for free, and when it comes to wedding venues, the costs can be astronomical. However, thinking creatively regarding location can both help your wedding stand out from the rest while also saving money to spend on something you really want to splurge on, like your honeymoon.


Here are some of my favorite wedding venue ideas for brides looking for a little something different.


National Park Wedding


Parks Canada is a vast network of protected landscapes, and there is a scenic backdrop in all 39 natural regions just waiting be discovered as your wedding venue. Banff National Park, for example, features lakes, mountains, and greenery that you just can’t create from a craft store. Special use permits vary by park, but they are a fraction of the cost compared to equally scenic venues marketed to couples.


If you opt for a park venue, remember: these are public lands that must be cared for -- your wedding should leave the place looking exactly as it was when you arrived. Work with your vendors to opt for environmentally friendly options and stress to guests the importance of picking up after themselves. The park is giving so much to you for your big day, so treat it well in return.




Brunch Wedding


People love brunch and they love weddings. Put those two things together and you have a guaranteed hit on your hand! Brunch weddings are great because you don’t have to compete for time slots with other couples in your area. They are also more casual affairs that allow partygoers to enjoy the rest of their day once the shindig is over. Serving brunch foods for the reception is also cheaper and easier to do on a large scale, so this is the perfect option for those of you with more cousins than you can count!


There are definitely some things about brunch weddings that won’t appeal to every bride. For instance, night owls probably won’t like a 6:00 a.m. wake up call on their big day, so those ladies should pass. But for those looking for an affordable and unique way to celebrate their love, it’s a unique option that can save you a lot of money.




Backyard Wedding


Ever since I saw Steel Magnolias as a kid, I loved the idea of a big backyard wedding (or at least a reception) where friends and family all get together to celebrate in a place that is near and dear to the heart. One of the best things about having your wedding in your backyard is how much money you save on the venue. With all that extra savings, you can make the space look exactly how you want.


If your wedding is themed, you can go all out when it comes to decorations, food and entertainment. You can also afford to add those extra details that look particularly good on Instagram such as an arbor or pergola. And in most cases, these can serve as backyard decor for years after your nuptials. When keeping price in mind, know the average cost to build an arbor, pergola or trellis ranges from $2,459 to $3,802 nationally.





Help your wedding stand out on your friends’ feeds with a unique wedding venue that also saves you money. A wedding in a National Park provides a beautiful backdrop while being kind to your pocketbook -- just be sure to be kind to the earth in return! A brunch wedding is the perfect choice for casual early birds who would rather spend their money on the honeymoon than an overpriced affair. Finally, you can save big bucks while styling the wedding of your dreams when you have it in the backyard. These are just a few different ideas to whet your appetite. When it comes to weddings these days, the sky’s the limit. Good luck and happy planning!

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