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November 27, 2018

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10 Unexpected Costs that Couples Forget to Budget

April 17, 2018

Budgeting for your wedding is a must for every person considering getting married. Whether you are having a $10, 000 wedding or a $100, 000 wedding, you need to be able to allocate these funds to your wedding needs.

We decided to come up with a list of 10 things that most couples forget to budget for.


Wedding Alterations



Most wedding dresses will require some sort of alteration from getting it hemmed up or taking it in or out. Alteration costs will depend on what you are getting done to your dress and how much needs to be done.  Some places charge a flat fee for the service. Make sure you check with your bridal store about the charges so you can budget it appropriately.


Pre Wedding Attires




Just because the wedding is months or a year out doesn’t mean that you may not have pre wedding events to attend. Think engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties and rehearsal dinners. You will be part of these celebrations and you may need to attend them all.


Marriage License




The whole point of the wedding is to legalize your union. So do not forget about the marriage license. You will need to register for your marriage and the cost of the license will depend on where you are currently located?




Stamps for your wedding invitations will cost you about $1.00 on average. If you have return rsvp cards to send back, that will cost more. Note to all couples, make sure you have the right address for your guests, nothing worse than a return invitation because you got the postal code wrong. It will cost you.


Shuttle Services


In this day and age, drinking and driving is a big NO. You may not be responsible for your guests’ transportation but consider hiring a shuttle service for them. Do your due diligence and book a cab for those that will drink at your wedding.


Gift Favours



A little gift to thank your guests for coming out to your wedding is a beautiful gesture. This cost is usually left until the end of the planning process. How much could you expect to pay for a wedding gift favour? Anywhere between $3.00 and $8.00. Consider giving your guests something they could eat or use. If not, your guests will throw them out and it will be a waste of your time and money. 


Vendor Meals



Expect to pay for your vendors’ meals. Any vendor that is onsite for over 8 hours should be fed. Which vendor do you expect to feed at the wedding? The DJ, wedding photographers and videographers, wedding coordinators, the band and officiant/priest if you are inviting them for dinner.


Tips or Gratuities



Although it’s not a must to tip your wedding vendors, a few vendors should be tipped. These include the hair and make-up team, wedding transportation and anyone that does an amazing job. Venues and caterers automatically include their tips with their final totals.





Don’t forget about the taxes. When looking over your quotes, ensure the final totals include taxes. Some places will add an additional administrative fee on top of the final cost.


Hotel Rooms for the Night Before



Don’t forget about booking an extra night before your wedding. Most venues, hotels or accommodation facilities will provide a complimentary suite to the bride. However, you might need a place to stay the night before. What better place to do this than the venue you are getting ready in.


Did you consider all these things when planning your wedding? If you did, you rock! If not consider setting aside 10-20% of your wedding budget for these items.


Tell us below if you got everything on the list. We would love to hear from you.

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