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My Tropical Themed Bridal Shower

November 27, 2018

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Flowerless Centerpiece Ideas

March 7, 2018

When people talk about centerpieces, we usually envision some sort of flower arrangement.   I am not writing this because I dislike flowers, I actually love flowers and think they add a certain element to a wedding, but who says wedding centerpieces HAVE to be floral? I have met many couples that don't want flowers, they don't like them, they have allergies or they simply can not fit flowers into their centerpiece budget.  A flowerless table doesn’t have to mean a naked table and it certainly doesn’t have to be boring! We believe you can still have a fabulous focal point for your table setting without having to use florals.  I am showcasing some flowerless centerpieces we have for rent in our inventory, and some ideas of how to use them for your wedding!




We have recently added these gold vintage inspired Candelabras to our inventory. Nothing is more classic then a candelabra centerpiece. Candelabras always remind me of a grand, elegant event, but also feel they can be paired down to suit a rustic/glam wedding as well. Either way, candelabras are always a gorgeous statement centerpiece! These new gold candelabras can be used with tapered candle sticks, or if your venue doesn't allow open flame, we can add glass votive shades with tea lights. 




Vases and Votives with Candles


Candles in vases are often used in conjunction with flowers on the table, but why not let them take center stage instead? Adding a multitude of candles, or pairing them in threes adds a dramatic touch and instant romance to a table setting.






A candle with our black lanterns can become a great centerpiece together with flowers or on its own. Lanterns are perfect for a bridal shower centerpiece or for a rustic style wedding. This black lantern can be used in so many different ways!

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 photo found on pintrest


Crystal Bling Vases


For the girl that loves shiny things! Crystal bling is never out of style for a glamorous, traditional wedding. This vase looks amazing with candle light twinkling through the crystals!


I hope you enjoyed some of our non floral centerpiece rent-able options.  I have worked with so many creatives couples that are opting for non-floral centerpiece to show off their passions, collections, vintage finds and personalities. Whether you’re a book lover, a collector of records, an antique hunter, or just like to have fun, try choosing unconventional items for your centerpieces that reflect you, your partner, and your relationship. With many of our DIY brides we offer a centerpiece set up service as well! So get creative with your option!



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