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My Tropical Themed Bridal Shower

November 27, 2018

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Inexpensive D.I.Y Holiday Centerpiece

November 29, 2017

I have been wanting to write a D.I.Y blog for a while now. When I originally thought about the idea of making this vintage looking vase I thought it would be perfect for a wedding centerpiece, but since the holidays are just around the corner I figured I would make this into the perfect holiday piece you can gather your friends and family around for a delicious meal or drinks! Plus I needed an arrangement for my dinning room table. The vase is still perfect for a wedding centerpiece- just add your favorite flowers that suit your wedding style best! Please keep in mind when reading this blog post I am not a professional florist or a professional photographer, all these pictures in the blog are all taken with my iPhone. With that being said I do love a good D.I.Y.  So lets get started!


First these are the items you will need to create the vase. Glue that works with glass. E6000 glue is also a great option. A glue gun, craft foam (I bough this type of foam before I decided to use fresh greens, I would suggest you use the foam that you can saturate in water to keep the greens fresher) 2 sized glass bowls, I purchased these at the Dollar Tree, and a tapered candle holder. The Dollar Tree sells perfect tapered glass candle holders, but every store I called were all sold out, so I found the white one at value Village for around $4.00.

 next you will use the glass glue of choice around the base of the tapered candle holder, on top of the glass glue put a layer of hot glue to get a quick adhere. Flip the small bowl over and place the glue side of the tapered candle to the small bowl.

 Once that is in place you will put more glass glue and more hot glue on the top of the tapered candle holder. Now place the large bowl on top trying to get it as centered as possible. 

 Take the vase to a well ventilated area and spray paint it! I choose to paint it a metallic gold, but you can pick any colour you like! As you can see I was a little messy with the hot glue, so when you do it be more cautious of this because it shows so much more once it is painted.


 Next I gathered some cedar tree and branches from my backyard and the red berries are just from the dollar store, but you could add whatever you like. I kept it very inexpensive since I found most of what I used from nature.  

 Now just tape your foam in place (you can definitely use floral tape for this but all I had handy was scotch tape) take your greens and start building your centerpiece from the base. 

 Take your sticks and place them in the middle sticking straight up. 

 I then realized I wanted different textures of greens so I went back to the forest (the trees are very bleak this time of year) and cut some pieces of pine tree to add.

 I just started placing the pine in the foam to start to fill the space. I love how this pine piece still had the pine cone atached! So cute!

 Just keep building until you fill the spaces.


 Once you feel you are getting the fullness you want with the greens start to add the berries and pinecones. 

 If you liked the way its turned out you are now ready to place it on your holiday table to enjoy! Since it is mostly greens and fake berries this arrangement will last you long after the holidays are over!










 I hope you like this simple inexpensive holiday arrangement. I think it turned out great! I would love to see yours if you decide to make one!


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